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YMS is proud to offer services unlike anywhere else in the US. Our Marine Elevator and Lift services are no exception. No matter the design, builder or brand, YMS can get your Lift system in perfect working condition. We also provide annual certification, through RINA, for all Lifts, Elevators and Dumbwaiters. This type of certification is considered a"value-added" service. Meaning, although you may be purchasing service, it will also add to the overall value of your vessel.


YMS specializes in Marine Pump Rebuilds. This service is provided in-house, so we guarantee the best service for your pumps. We can also obtain OEM part replacements, as spec reassembly is the key to our success.

Located in the Lauderdale Marine Center, YMS is the first and only pump rebuild shop. YMS offers pick up and free dock delivery for any pump within a 20 mile radius. We also specialize in Italian brands such as Calpeda and Gianneschi.

Pump service includes an in-house power test, exterior treatment (including sand blasting, paint and protection) to extend the life of your pumps, and even a quick-connect upgrade at no additional cost. Our 6 Month service program is offered to our clients to always ensure your pumps are always in usable condition. Each pump will receive a code and tag from YMS to follow the history of every service on the pump.

YMS has the power supplies to test any pump delivered for service. We will test before the delivery will be made!


With the support of our Worldwide partners, we are able to service and obtain parts for hard-to-find European plumbing. Whether you require press-fittings, welding or unusual threading, YMS has the right tools (literally & figuratively) to complete the job.



MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers can reduce boat roll up to 95%, are very effective at speed as well as at anchor. The range is conceived to meet any kind of requirement, ranging from the smallest boat (day cruise o center console) to superyacht, with no installation limits. The stabilizers can be installed during the refitting too. MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers offer unique features and are the result of careful research, aimed at achieving highly competitive performances and assuring maximum safety. With MC2 Quick Gyro on board, the comfort is guaranteed and you can enjoy all your special moments with rough sea too. 

High performance

Complete protection

Smart, compact design

High installation flexibility

Dynamic precession control

Precession lock function from remote panel.

Equipped with Quick® electric motors.

Low noise emission.

Thermal protection.

MC² Touch Remote Control

MC² Mobile App (iOS and Android)

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